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67 min

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North west from the border between Mexico and the United States of America lies the Baja California Peninsula, 1300 km long and no more than 45 km wide at some parts. This territory emerged from the crash between the Pacific and North American tectonic plaques. Rising from the bottom of the sea and still moving north approximately 6 centimeters a year, It is calculated that in 50 million years it will float near Alaska. This is the reason why we can technically considered an Island.

Because of its geography and ecosystem as well as being the last territory to be colonized by the Spaniards this peninsula is a completely different kind of Mexico. As far as its known, the inhabitants of the area never had any type of contact with any other mega civilization like the Aztecs or the Mayans.

This documentary it’s a a trip along the Peninsula, in which we discover its mythological and magical dimension, with its own time and characters, like the ranchers from the “sierras” who live in the same way the lived one hundred years ago, or the indigenous tribe Cucapah who, even on the verge of extinction, persist in conserving their culture despite having been relegated to the outskirts of the cities.


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